Proper Home Interior Maintenance & Cleaning

Clean Home, Carpets and Floors
Clean Home, Carpets and Floors

If you own your home, then you need to make sure you take care of home interior maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Some people find that scheduling their home maintenance plans according to the season is a great way to keep on top of the tasks that otherwise can accumulate and turn into expensive repairs.

You should clean thoroughly at least twice each year, at the beginning of spring and fall. This deep cleaning needs to involve pulling all of your furniture and appliances out and cleaning behind them. Also, clean the back of the appliances while you have access to them. Simply vacuuming the coils on your refrigerator regularly will reduce your utility costs.

You need to completely clean all of the walls in your home during this cleaning. Do not forget about the windows. Take out the screens, hose them clean and wash your windows inside and out. Wash the drapes and curtains according to the directions that came with them and deep clean your blinds as well. If you do this twice each year, it should be a pretty easy task to keep them well dusted throughout the rest of the year.

While you are cleaning the walls, note any areas that need to be patched and repair them. You may also inspect rooms to see if any could benefit from a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper. Don’t forget to clean the baseboards while you are doing each wall. Start at the top of the wall and work down to the baseboard, doing one wall at a time and going room by room until the house is done. You may want to enlist the aid of others with this project.

Make sure you get your carpets, wood floors and any tile professionally cleaned as well. Search online to find reputable carpet and floor cleaning companies, check their websites and look at any social properties, reviews or videos. Here is an example of a good carpet cleaner’s site – – and reviews from their Yelp page. Their video is below.

You will also need to have your HVAC system inspected before the season or seasons where it will be most used. After all, if you wait until the first wave of extreme weather, it is possible that it may not work without maintenance and you will be stuck weathering the heat or cold wave without the aid of your home temperature adjustment system.

Toward the end of fall, you should make sure that all of your gutters and downspouts are cleared out. You do not want to get ice and snow trapped by leaf clogs once winter strikes.

In the spring, walk through and check out things like the light fixtures and knobs that are in your bathrooms and kitchen. You may want to upgrade them to more attractive pieces of hardware. This is an inexpensive thing to do that can work wonders on the appearance of your home.

Test the batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon dioxide detectors to ensure that they are functioning properly. Switch the batteries out regularly.

You can do these few things regularly for a noticeable change in your home. You will keep it cleaner and better maintained by writing these suggestions on your calendar. Follow through each season and enlist aid when needed for large jobs.

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