Get the Feeling of the Tropics in Your Home with Beach-style Interior Design

The tropics have always exercised an allure for those for whom the jungle with its many varieties of flora and fauna area source of endless fascination. The smells, textures and colors inspire and entertain – and have also been the inspiration for interior designers from across the world.

While living near the ocean gives an area a certain vibe, bringing the tropics or feeling of being at the beach in to your home with tropical-inspired design can transform the energy of your home. Imagine coming home and feeling as if you just entered a beach-side resort?

beach style interior

The great news is that you don’t have to live in the tropics to take advantage of the many opportunities for great design ideas. There are resources on the Internet – like – where you can search by themes and get an idea for the resort-style look. If you live near a resort, you can visit, take a tour and check out the various elements that go into how the property feels.

One of the best things you can do is hire a professional interior designer. A good design expert will have the experience and trained eye to guide you as you shape your perfect tropically-inspired interior. In the meantime, here are some helpful hints to get you started:

#1 It’s About The Textures.

Forget the mass market idea of garish Tiki-inspired tropical colors. True tropically inspired design is all about the subtle interplay of various textures. Think tropical weaves using natural materials such as cord and bamboo. Even wallpapers with a fine texture inspired by prints of flora such as tropical palms have their place.

#2 Color Is King

Tropical interiors take their cues from the natural world and that also extends to the use of color. The vibrancy of the plant and animal life in the tropics means that you as the homeowner has an entire palate to play with. Think of subtle highlights such as Earth tone browns and greens. Even tones that evoke sky and sea have their place in a beach-inspired design.

#3 Natural Materials

Wood is perhaps the most versatile material that any aspiring homeowner can use to get that true tropical feel. However, make sure to use woods such as teak or mahogany. There are also more cost effective options such as rosewood and kingwood. For exterior use don’t shy away from bamboo – it’s strong, lightweight and can be finished in a variety of ways. Don’t be afraid of mix and match – with this approach it’s all about the layering and the use of a variety of natural wood finishes adds depth and interest to any room.

#4 Go Green

If there is anything that will highlight a tropical interior it’s the use of plants. Once again the layered effect of different colors is what you will be looking for. Even that old standby the ficus has a place here. Try  aspidistra and various palm type plants to really lend an air of authenticity to your tropically inspired interior.

Most of All – Go By What Makes You Feel Good

You know how you feel when you walk into a room – or a property – and you just smile on the inside. You can feel your shoulders drop, the tension leave your body and you get that feeling of, “Ahhhhhhhh – yes!”

When you walk into a tropical, resort-style commercial or residential space and get this feeling – take pictures or video and use it as inspiration for what you want to do with your interior. You can emulate the materials, colors, design, furniture and accessories to try and create a similar environment so that when you come home, you feel like you have entered your own tropical oasis.